Position # 2007122 Asphalt Paving Machine Operator (Paving)

Description :

Perform any combination of duties on construction projects usually working in a utility capacity, by transferring from one task to another where demands require a team member with varied experience and ability. Crew member should be able to understand paving procedures, follow instructions and meet standards. This position is located in Jacksonville, FL.

Profile :

•Safe operation of machine;
•Proper pre-start up;
•Placement of material in front of screed;
•Setting of flow;
•Ability to operate equipment holding a straight line;
•Set feed sensors;
•Keep equipment clean;
•Proper paving speed to match truck delivery;
•Adjust screed crown and strike off;
•Set up and use automatic grade and slope control;
•Understand segregation and how to prevent it due to operation of the paving machine;
•Check cross slope;
•General knowledge of hydraulic and electrical systems of the paver;
•Calculate yield;
•Demonstrate ability to lead;
•May perform daily fluid level checks on oil, water and fuel;
•Visual inspection for leaks and damage to machine before operation and safety checks;
•Perform incidental work items and duties included within other crafts;
•Must be able to sit for extended periods of time; ability to bend, crouch and climb on and off of equipment repetitively; Use hands, arms and legs fully; able to utilize vision whether naturally or with correction;
•Continuous mental and visual attention required to complete tasks in efficient manner involving repetitive or diversified work requiring alertness to activity;
•Responsible for daily maintenance of equipment to remain in proper and safe working order;
•Responsible for notifying supervisor if equipment needs to be repaired;
•Working conditions will consist of exposure to grease, noise, dust, and dirt of the construction project or shop.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and promote a Drug-Free Workplace.

M/F/D/V encouraged to apply.

Location :

Jacksonville  Jacksonville Division

Contact :

Resources Human